3rd Multicore World Conference 25th/26th February 2014 - Auckland, New Zealand

Multicore World 2014 will be held at AUT (Auckland University of Technology). An initiative of Open Parallel, the 3rd Multicore World now incorporates a collocated workshop "Computing for SKA" on 27th - 28th February. Participating in SKA is a demonstration of New Zealand's potential role in this massive technological endeavor; the ultimate big data undertaking.

Multicore is unstoppable:

Multicore World 2014 where all things Multicore, the permanent change that affects all computing, are presented, explained and shared.

High profile international SKA telescope project, the ultimate big data undertaking, is an illustration of this permanent change. Multicore World brings together technology leaders, academics, senior business managers and government representatives. It is a unique forum dedicated to the technology design and applications of parallel computing, big data, cloud, mobile computing and the internet-of-things. How these technologies apply to an increasingly diverse range of industries is showcased and discussed.

In its third consecutive year, Multicore World provides you with the knowledge and tools to support your software and infrastructure projects through presentations, conversations and networking opportunities. Held at Auckland University of Technology (AUT), Multicore World is bridging the gap between the technology and its applications. It is also hosting SKA experts for a two-day workshop where the computing challenges of designing the biggest radio-telescope in the world will be described and addressed. OpenParallel, Multicore World organiser, promotes multicore computing and parallel programing and ways to take advantage of the radical changes Multicore brings. This new architecture, that few, to date, harness opens up a whole new world of opportunities for industry and science. Participation at Multicore World 2014 will set you in a good stead to understand and leverage unprecedented opportunities for your business developments. And partnership with Multicore World will secure an ongoing connection so that you keep ahead.

By bringing together global Multicore expertise, Multicore World 2014 consolidates the development of an ecosystem around the opportunities the technology presents for industry and science. It also celebrates New Zealand and Australian expertise in the field and positions the region as the place from which to grow a global hub in entrepreneurship based in Multicore technologies.

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  • New Zealand could be a hub of expertise for parallel computing
    James Reinders, Director and Chief Software Evangelist, Intel – USA
  • Great conference, as always!!!
    Paul McKenney, Linux CTO, IBM – USA
  • Thanks for another great Multicore World conference
    Mark Moir, Oracle Labs – USA/NZ


Multicore World 2014 is privileged to host a distinguished group of Industry, Science and Technology speakers.
Some of the confirmed speakers are:

Additional Guest Speakers information...


Without the support of our sponsors, events such as Multicore World 2014 would not be able to proceed. THANK YOU :

After more than a decade in business as an open source services company, Catalyst now has the largest concentration of open source expertise in New Zealand.

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The SKA Organisation (SKAO) is responsible for coordinating the global activities of the SKA project - the ultimate big data project. SKAO sponsors Multicore World 2014 and Computing for SKA

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As a global leader in supercomputing, Cray provides highly advanced systems and solutions and world-class service and support to government, industry and academia.

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We're New Zealand's newest university but our history in industry-relevant education is over 110 years old. We perform our teaching, research and other duties as defined under the Education Act (1989).

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NVIDIA's pioneering work in visual computing — the art and science of computer graphics — has led to thousands of patented inventions, breakthrough technologies and a powerful brand.

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NeSI is New Zealand's computing research infrastructure. We provide high performance computers and support systems to enable the country's researchers to tackle the world's largest problems.

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The New Zealand Open Source Society is a non-profit organisation set up to protect, advocate and advance the use of Open Source Software in New Zealand.

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ThinkAgency specializes in helping professionals develop, explore, experience and present new kinds of learning in their context and for their purpose, through developing an ePortfolio.

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Wines for thinking, not just drinking.

Pasquale is proud to be associated with Multicore World since 2013

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Mozilla has been a pioneer and advocate for the Web for more than a decade. We create and promote open standards that enable innovation and advance the Web as a platform for all.

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  • Multicore World is the only technology conference that I know with an economic development agenda.
    Tim Mattson, Principal Engineer, Intel - USA
  • Frank and open discussions. If this happened at SC then the press would be involved and will cause a big revolt in corporate HQ.
    Tim Mattson, Intel
  • .. plenty of time for the speakers and attendees to interact on a much lengthier and informal basis than one finds at a typical conference.
    Stephan Friedl, DE Cisco, USA
  • Thanks for the great conference: multicore is a hugely disruptive technology – New Zealand has an opportunity to ride its wave.
    Ian Foster, Argonne National Laboratory, USA


We are pleased to offer tickets for Multicore World 2014 and Computing for SKA. EARLYBIRD discount ends 3rd February.



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