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What's it All About

Multicore World: a think tank to answer Big Questions, together!

Interactive and Targeted

At Multicore World conversations are as important as sessions. Every presentation has a flexible Q&A period, and if we are enjoying a great discussion, we just continue with it. On its 4th edition, Multicore World 2015 participants are invited as world experts in their speciality. In a limited audience environment you will find that the person sitting besides you has a wealth of experience similar to the speaker that both are listening to.

Industry Leading

Participants are from first tier companies, vendors and organisations. You will hear about trends and road maps that are not yet in the general domain. You can't substitute the experience of Multicore World's unique combination of sessions and conversations. Webinars and white papers present knowledge to be marketed: at Multicore World you will discuss with the creators -right when they are keen to test their novel concept in your field.


Multicore World is a destination conference -people do not "pass through", it is a decision to come to New Zealand. More than 40% of participants are from outside New Zealand and Australia. It is not unusual that some are crossing the Equator for the first time in their lives, to keynote at Multicore World. Authors do their book pre-launch presentation, entrepreneurs discuss deals with executives from major corporations, all in an informal environment far from media scrutiny and general gossip. Take advantage of the time commitment of global experts that are keen to learn from your work as well.


Now on its 4th edition, Multicore World is now consolidated in the international calendar. Every year since 2012, experts and leaders from all over the world converge in February to beautiful New Zealand for two full days of the most thought-provoking sessions in the latest high-technology evolution and its applications. Collocated with Multicore World 2015 (17-18 February) is the workshop "HPC in the Cloud -the case of the SKA" (19-20 February).


Organised as a limited audience event you will pretty much meet all the attendees in a personal way. Participants are invited through our global networks, related to their work and the theme of the conference around the main talks: we are creating a global community. If you wish to receive an invitation, please express your interest at your earliest convenience providing details of your work and benefit of up to a 50% discount in the registration before November 17, 2014


Multicore World is a single track conference: we all want to hear you. Main speakers are personally invited, and we also support emerging talent particularly young developers, engineers, scientists and researchers. Every year we receive more speaking proposals than we can accommodate, but do not hesitate to contact us with your proposal -there are different time slots including Lightning Talks: the main goal is to let Multicore World's global audience know about your work. Main speakers have a free full registration including all conference meals, events and conference dinner.


A targeted and selected audience is very attractive to specialised sponsorship. Some of the global organisations that have been sponsoring Multicore World are Intel (USA), Google (USA), ARM (UK), Microsoft (USA), Cray (USA), New Zealand Trade & Enterprise, SKA Organisation (UK), GreenButton (NZ), Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (NZ), Catalyst (NZ), Mozilla (USA), and AUT University (NZ) among others. There are a very limited number of sponsored main speaking slots, plus other options. Contact us as early as possible to secure the best deal for your organisation.

Some of the awesome speakers lined up for MW2015

Team Member
Prof. Thomas Sterling
Chief Scientist, Centre for Research in Extreme Scale Technologies, University of Indiana - USA
Team Member
Prof. Ian Foster
Director Computation Institute, Argonne Labs & University of Chicago - USA
Team Member
drs. Ruud van der Pas
Distinguished Engineer, Architecture and Performance, SPARC Microelectronics, Oracle - USA
Team Member
Prof. Manuel Ujaldón
NVIDIA CUDA Fellow and Universidad de Málaga - Spain.
Team Member
Dr. Natasha Hurley-Walker
MWA Project Scientist, International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research - Australia
Team Member
Dr. Kjesten Wiig
National Manager of Commercialisation, Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment - New Zealand
Team Member
Pavlo Baron
Big Data authority and Lead Technologist & Scientist, codecentric AG - Germany
Team Member
Alex St John
GPU and data compression authority, co-creator of Microsoft's DirectX platform - New Zealand / USA

... and some past speakers.

Tim Mattson, Principal Engineer, INTEL (USA, 2012 & 2013) - Brent Carlson, SKA CSP Consortium Lead System Engineer, NRC (Canada, 2014) - Cristina Cifuentes, Director of Oracle Labs (Australia, 2014) - Poul-Henning Kamp, FreeBSD Author, Varnish (Denmark, 2013) - Kent Winchell, Distinguished Engineer, CTO Office, Cray (USA, 2014) - Prof. Shaun Hendy, FRSNZ, University of Auckland (New Zealand, 2014) - Mark Moir, Oracle (New Zealand, 2012, 2013 & 2014) - Prof Andreas Wicenec, ICRAR (Australia, 2014) - Paul McKenney, Linux CTO, IBM (USA, 2011 & 2013) - Vint Cerf, VP Google (USA, 2011) - Stephan Friedl, DE Cisco (USA, 2012) - A/Professor Manuel Chakravarty, Haskell Authority (Australia, 2014) - Sebastian Sylwan, CTO Weta Digital (New Zealand, 2012) - Prof. Wolfgang Schröder-Preikschat, FAU (Germany, 2014) - Jasper Horrell, GM, Computing & Innovation SKA SA (South Africa, 2014) - Prof Sergei Gulyaev, Director IRASR, AUT (New Zealand, 2014) - Scott Houston, CEO GreenButton (New Zealand, 2012 & 2013) - Alex St John, CUDA Authority (USA - New Zealand, 2014) - Prof Gernot Heiser, Group Leader, NICTA (Australia, 2014) - Artur Laksberg, Team Lead, Microsoft (USA, 2012) - A/Professor Zhiyi Huang, Otago University (New Zealand, 2010 & 2012) - Phil McCaw, Movac Partner (New Zealand, 2012) - Nicola Gaston, Senior Lecturer VUW (New Zealand, 2014) - Jim Peek, Strategy Director, Fusion IO (USA, 2012) - David Brebner, CEO Unlimited Realities (New Zealand, 2014)

and more...

When and Where

4th Multicore World

17th - 18th February 2015 - Wellington, New Zealand

Venue: Shed 6, Wellington's newest convention venue, nestled on the waterfront.

Workshop collocated with Multicore World

HPC in the Cloud: "The SKA example", 19th - 20th February 2015

Venue: Michael Fowler Centre, Wellington.


4th Multicore World

We are pleased to offer EARLY BIRD tickets (SAVE MORE THAN 30%) for Multicore World 2015 and its collocated workshop "HPC in the Cloud: the SKA example" (sponsored by the SKA Organisation). HURRY! These tickets are limited and will go fast!


Important Notes: All prices shown are in New Zealand Dollars and exclusive of GST (+15%).
International Credit Card and Direct Deposit options.
Full ticket includes

    Full access to two-day sessions from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm (or four-day sessions if you register to both events). Full access to complementary events at intervals, demonstrations and trade show (TBC). All day meals included (morning tea – lunch – afternoon tea). Multicore World Conference Dinner (Tuesday 17th, 18:30 – 22:00 hrs). Multicore World Conference Closure event (Wednesday 18th). HPC in the Cloud: SKA workshop evening events -when only registering to the workshop (Thursday 19th and Friday 20th).
DISCOUNTED RATES are available on request: Open Parallel is committed to ensure that Multicore World and its workshop HPC in the Cloud: SKA are as open as possible. We are creating a broad and inclusive ecosystem and will be happy to provide you a with a discounted ticket upon request (subject to availability). To request a voucher for a discounted ticket write to and please explain how would you benefit from Multicore World and which could be your contribution.

How can we help?


For information about Multicore World 2015 and its workshops, sponsorship and partnership opportunities, or any other aspects, contact: Nicolás Erdödy, Conference Director, ( or use the form provided.

"Multicore World" and the workshop "HPC in the Cloud -the case of the SKA" are an initiative of Open Parallel Ltd.


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